Playscope 萬象館

Playscope is an indoor playroom situated in Tai Po, Hong Kong. It is run by Playright Children’s Play Association (a non government organisation ).

This 4000 square feet indoor play area is full of child-led activities, some of which are changed every few months.

J loves all the pretend play activities in here. We spend a fun 2-hour playing all sorts of activities including pretending to be firefighter and construction worker, selling dim sum, pillow fighting, “pillow building”, scooping little wooden blocks, painting on the huge wall.

What I love the most about this place is that many of the pretend play props are made with recycled materials such as cardboards and newspapers plus many creativities by the wonderful “play workers” who helped to design and make these props.

The following pictures were taken in July 2018, so some of the pretend play activities might have changed already).

Let the kids free play
This is the wood work area. The kids are allowed to explore with all these tools (with adult supervision )

The theme for this month is fire fighters (It changes every few months)
The water tanker that J is carrying is made with plastic bottle and a tube
He is at the fire station making some announcement
This is the mini building area
J loves this area. Who will not get excited to see this amount of pillows?!

Great for some gross motor skills

The whole floor in this room is filled with these wooden beads which J loves them so much

Different tools for painting

Magnetic wall

Most of the information in their website is in Chinese, so I have added the English for some of the important info here.

Opening hours:


  • Closed for whole day: New Year, Chinese New Year Day 1 to 3, Christmas, and Boxing Day
  • Closed for half day: Afternoons of the day before Chinese New Year and Winter solstice
  • Group booking: only for schools and social welfare organisations



Address: Room 117 – 128, Ground floor, Kai Wo Rd, Tai Wo Estate, Tai Po, Hong Kong

Phone: 2650 2607 (Close on Mondays)

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