Book recommendation – 識安全有禮貌 (新雅文化)

I really love this series of Chinese books #識安全有禮貌 by Sun Ya Publications. There are 4 books, ferry, bus, aeroplane, MTR.

What are they about:

●Basic information on the transportation e.g. how to look at the bus number on a bus stop

● How to stay safe when travelling on these transportations

● Ways to be a polite passenger

Why I love them:

● Hong Kong based. This is very important. The books use pictures (both real life and cartoon) of ferry, bus, MTR in Hong Kong, so J is more familar. The money, rules, signs etc are all the ones you can see in Hong Kong.

● Many life skills are being introduced e.g. paying the fares by Octopus cards or coins, how to read a safety floor plan, how to put on a life jacket etc.

● There are facts, activities (stickers, maze), and games to play with the family. A variety of ways to learn and play.

● Staying safe and being polite are the 2 elements that I have been focusing on since J was a young toddler.

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