Chinese writing practice on the words “Big 大” , “Medium 中” and “Small 小”.

Chinese writing practice on the words “Big 大” , “Medium 中” and “Small 小”.

Features (For “Set 1” activity sheets)
📌Through the cutting and pasting activity the kids can learn the concept of size. They have to cut the pictures at the bottom of the page and sort them into the correct size.
📌 Practice writing the Chinese words 大,中,小

Features (For “Set 2” activity sheets):
📌 Focuses more on writing

Other features of my activity sheets:
✔English instructions, so expat parents can also use these worksheets to teach their kids
✔ Learn English and Chinese vocabularies seen in everyday life
✔ Pictures are in black and white so the kids can colour them too. Parents can give instructions e.g. colour all the big items in red, small items in blue. Good way to train listening skill.
✔ No prep, just print and learn 😄

What you get in the PDF:
3 pages of “Set 1” and 2 pages of “Set 2”, total of 5 pages

📢Please note:
They are 👉🏼all designed and created by myself ☺️. I spent tremendous amount of time to work on these.

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