SUCCESS! Show Me You Love 飯 (粟米肉粒飯)

J told me a while ago his friend in class who was from Hong Kong said she likes to eat “Show Me Your Love 飯. J said he did not understand what is it. So today I decided to try and make it for him to try.

I have never make it before. Googled for recipes and looked like it’s very easy to make.

I followed the recipe from Cookpad .

I changed a few things:

  • I forgot to buy pork so I used diced chicken.
  • Did not add the pepper because it’s forbidden in our house (Mr. B hated pepper and anything spicy).
  • No oil was added in the marinate.
  • Could not find 粟米蓉 in Tesco supermarket so did not use that

Luckily tasted very nice. J loved it and kept asking for more rice to eat with the dish!

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