CVC words learning mats


CVC words learning mats

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These colourful learning mats are for learning CVC words (30 words).

How to play:
1) Simple matching – Ask your kid to sound out the letters in each word card and match up the corresponding picture.
2) Treasure hunt – Scatter the word cards out in the house. Ask your kid to find and match the cards to the pictures.
3) Mystery card game (see pic below) – Take 1 card out as the mystery card and give the pile of cards for your kid. Ask him/her to flip 1 card at a time and match up the corresponding picture.

Make sure your kid sound out each letter when they are playing this game so that they can practice and be familiar with the sound of the letters.

What is included:
– 5 x A4 learning mats
– 30 x word cards

Please note:
– This is NOT a commercially available product / activity that you buy from a toy shop. The activity is designed by me. All cards were made by my myself where I designed, printed and laminated them.
– Cards are laminated for durability.

Postage fee is included in the price, but for posting to HONG KONG only. If you live overseas please contact me FIRST before placing an order, so that I can calculate the shipping fee.

Thank you .

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