Number matching clip cards with clothespins – HKD50 postage included

Number matching clip cards with clothespins – HKD50 postage included

Let’s learn numbers and practice fine motor skills with these super cute colourful number cards. Great for toddlers beginning to recognise numbers. Simply work your way up with your little one from 0 to 10 by placing a clothespin to the matching number (as shown in pictures).

If your little one is not yet able to clip a clothespin you can use any other small objects for example, transparent counters, poms poms, etc (as shown in pictures).

For more advanced fine motor skill practice, your little one can try paper clips.

For number sequence practice, you can cover up some of the numbers on the last number card (the one with 0-10 together) and ask your little one which numbers were missing.

What is included:
– 12 laminated number cards
Each laminated card measures approximately 11cm x 16cm.
– 11 wooden clothespins

Please note:
– This is NOT a commercially available product / activity that you buy from a toy shop. The activity is designed by me. All cards were made by my myself where I designed, printed and laminated them.
– Cards are water resistant but should not be immersed in water.
– Transparent counters and pom pom are NOT included.



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