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Summer Leicester Trip 2022 Day 1 – Abbey Pumping Station

(For all the pictures shown in this post, you can simply click on them to enlarge) When did we visit: We visited on a Wednesday in late August. It was partly cloudy and sunny. There were not a lot of visitors in the museum.… Continue Reading “Summer Leicester Trip 2022 Day 1 – Abbey Pumping Station”

New Product – Pretend Play Post Office(ENGLISH)

I have updated a version of the Post Office Pretend Play printable. Now available to purchase from my Etsy Shop . You can find the older version which has different pictures and wording in here (Opens to my Etsy shop). I also have a… Continue Reading “New Product – Pretend Play Post Office(ENGLISH)”

New Product – How to call your relatives in Chinese & Low prep Barrier game Printable

Story behind this creation: I am teaching my 7 years old son to learn how to read and write the family member terms in Chinese.  I do not need to explain how confusing it can be for a young child to understand how to… Continue Reading “New Product – How to call your relatives in Chinese & Low prep Barrier game Printable”

New Product – Chinese Word Learning Card Game

As always, I try to make learning fun and enjoyable.  Since we have moved to England I focus on teaching J Chinese. He has a good foundation of the language because he studied in a Chinese Kindergarten for three years, and then in a… Continue Reading “New Product – Chinese Word Learning Card Game”

Teaching Materials for Norfolk Field Trip Summer 2021

Teaching materials: I used the following teaching materials for the field trip that I organised for J at Norfolk Summer 2021. My intention was to introduce the topics to J, not to give him detail investigations 🙂 I used the powerpoint from this Twinkl… Continue Reading “Teaching Materials for Norfolk Field Trip Summer 2021”

Printable – Chinese Word Learning Record Sheet

(((FREE printable at the end of the page))) I teach J some Chinese every day after school. Sometimes he learns some new words. But he doesn’t always remember them. So I designed a little recording sheet to jot down the words he learnt, which… Continue Reading “Printable – Chinese Word Learning Record Sheet”

New Product – indoor scavenger hunt Printable

UPDATED ON 9 MAY 2021 WITH EXTRA VERSIONS There are many Scavenger Hunt printable available on the market but you rarely find one that is in Traditional Chinese – English AND Cantonese – English. This Scavenger Hunt is an excellent way to learn vocabulary… Continue Reading “New Product – indoor scavenger hunt Printable”

printable – low prep colour card game

This is essentially a domino game to learn colours in Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, and English, but it can also turn into other fun card games too. Please see the product details here . You will also find details on how to play with… Continue Reading “printable – low prep colour card game”

More on Bilingual Visual Schedule Chart

When I designed it I didn’t know it would worked THAT well on J. A few days ago, I added a section of “Don’t Forget”, “Well done” and “Responsibilities” next to his Daily Visual Schedule . This new section acts like a reminder for… Continue Reading “More on Bilingual Visual Schedule Chart”

Using laminating pouches to learn Traditional Chinese characters

I teach J Chinese at home. I noticed his writing has became much clearer and neater. One thing that he is struggling is remembering how to write the Chinese characters of the more advanced ones. So I thought of an idea to help him… Continue Reading “Using laminating pouches to learn Traditional Chinese characters”