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Revisit Tuen Mun Inclusive Playground

I asked J where does he want to go on the last few days in Hong Kong. He said he wanted to go to #屯門共融遊樂場 again. I brought him there on the last Friday when he coincidentally had a school holiday. I was disappointed… Continue Reading “Revisit Tuen Mun Inclusive Playground”

J’s Kindergarten Graduation Ceremony

It’s J graduation ceremony today. It was very hot. We arrived very early. J followed the teachers into the venue to get changed and rehearsal. The parents got seated in the hall. The kids first entered the venue for a group singing. Next, it… Continue Reading “J’s Kindergarten Graduation Ceremony”

Green Cottage 農舍 Lamma Island

Our favourite cafe on the island.

HOME焙小日子將軍澳店 (Strawberry Mousse Cake)

This is our 3rd time!

Sogno Cafe

Sogno Cafe

A cup of tea

What is better than a cup of hot organic tea to start off the day? I am drinking the “Happy uplifting tea” from Teapigs , a blend of turmeric, apple, and lemon balm. I love the taste and smells great. What I also love about… Continue Reading “A cup of tea”

Pak Fuk Road Safety Town (North point)

Pak Fuk Road Safety Town