Jordan Valley Park – fun race tracks for remote control cars

Today we went to Jordan Valley Playground to let J to play with his remote control cars and truck.It was a lovely warm day. J enjoyed it a lot. The park is spacious so even though there were quite a bit of people in the park today, it didn't feel very crowded. We played in … Continue reading Jordan Valley Park – fun race tracks for remote control cars

Hobbledown, Epsom, U.K.

Today we are at Hobbledown, Epson, England. At the entrance there is a big bubble machine, making bubbles all the time. All the kids loved it. Just outside the restaurant there is an open space with different activities going on at different times of the day. When we went past the area it was … Continue reading Hobbledown, Epsom, U.K.

Mudchute Park and Farm, London, U.K.

We visited Mudchute Park and Farm today. It is one of the London farms and it's only 15 minute drive from our house. We enjoyed it a lot and were very excited to see the animals. We first had lunch at Mudchute Kitchen, a family run cafe in the farm. The home-cooked food was very … Continue reading Mudchute Park and Farm, London, U.K.

Lamma Island

What a lovely day to visit Lamma Island. We had a yummy lunch at a cafe. Then we walked around the village and hiked for a while. I wanted to take J to see the windmill up the mountain but there was not enough time so we will go next time. J said he enjoyed … Continue reading Lamma Island