Alphabet Lacing Cardboard Discs

#playwithpackagingmaterials I collected some cardboard and straws over the years, and today I turned them into an activity that can let the little ones to practice the order of alphabets while working on their fine motor skills. It is super easy to make. The cardboard was leftover from my other work so I did not … Continue reading Alphabet Lacing Cardboard Discs

My homeschooling with J during the Coronavirus outbreak 2020

The schools in Hong Kong are closed because of the Coronavirus outbreak. It was originally closed for slightly over a month. I did not planned much at the beginning, just doing the usual revision with J. As the outbreak got worse, the government decided to suspend the schools for longer. I then decided to have … Continue reading My homeschooling with J during the Coronavirus outbreak 2020

Touch and Feel Colour Cards

#playwithpackagingmaterials This activity is perfect for some sensory fun for toddlers while introducing colours to them. If you have seen my previous posts you might noticed that bottle lid is one of the items I often use in my busy bags / activity sets. When I was designing this activity I was looking for different … Continue reading Touch and Feel Colour Cards

2-piece Shape Puzzles

#playwithpackagingmaterials I made some simple 2-piece shape puzzles using some leftover cardstock from packaging materials and foam shapes. I used foam stickers because it adds some sensory touch which is great for toddlers. You don't have to use foam stickers, any large stickers are fine. You can even draw. How to make: I used 2 … Continue reading 2-piece Shape Puzzles

Handmade Counting Booklet using Stamps

I have many beautiful stamps that I collected over the years. I stamped them on the paper, wrote some simple instructions, and made it into a booklet. If you don't have stamps you can draw. I use the transparent counters to mark the answers so I can reuse the booklet. Otherwise you can let your … Continue reading Handmade Counting Booklet using Stamps

Touch and Feel Counting Cards

#playwithpackagingmaterials I made these touch and feel counting cards today with J. I used form stickers and pom pom rather than normal plain stickers / drawing to add some sensory fun while introducing simple counting. This activity is ideal for preschoolers. How to play: 1) Simple counting You can let your child to touch and … Continue reading Touch and Feel Counting Cards

My 3D board game

#playwithpackagingmaterials I made a 3D board game for J to play and learn. It took me a lot of time to design but it all worth it. I wanted the game to be versatile so I can use it to reinforce some subjects such as phonics, sight words, addition, subtraction etc... I have piles of … Continue reading My 3D board game