Homeschooling February 2020



Due to the virus J cannot go to school and we slowly adapted to a simple daily schedule .

. English (phonics + spelling, comprehension, creative writing, diary)
. šŸ¤©Brain break – Yoga + cardio exercises using mobile phone apps
. Maths (place value, addition, subtraction, time)
. šŸ¤©Brain break – piano on iPad (we cannot practice it in the clubhouse) / read him a story while he has an apple or other snack
. Chinese (practice writing)
. Mandarin (once every other day, I use online app plus the materials from the school to help out)

I think including “Brain break” is really important as it helps to relax both of us a lot. I have barely any experience in yoga but these iPad apps are great with videos and explanations which makes it easier to understand and follow. Great for beginners like us.

I then choose to include some cardio exercises simply because it is great for our heart, and J is so used to sports every week with swimming and football club, so I think some cardio work would be great.

I also include piano as we have been practicing with the piano in our clubhouse, I think it is important to carry on to do a bit of practice especially he is so interested in it.

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