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New Product – Pretend Play Post Office(ENGLISH)

I have updated a version of the Post Office Pretend Play printable. Now available to purchase from my Etsy Shop . You can find the older version which has different pictures and wording in here (Opens to my Etsy shop). I also have a… Continue Reading “New Product – Pretend Play Post Office(ENGLISH)”

Kids journal / diary printable (English)

A while ago I designed and made an English journal/diary printable for J. Recently I added more details and made a few more pages. I specifically focused on adding different prompts to develop his creativity, self expression, writing and drawing skills, and to encourage… Continue Reading “Kids journal / diary printable (English)”

printable – 30 Days Challenge / Habit Tracker for kids

Keep your kid motivated to reach the goal set with these cute Habit Trackers. Let your kid colour one cartoon after he/she has completed a task. A reward can be given when completed a certain number of times, but that’s optional. There are many… Continue Reading “printable – 30 Days Challenge / Habit Tracker for kids”

Printable – Chinese Word Learning Record Sheet

(((FREE printable at the end of the page))) I teach J some Chinese every day after school. Sometimes he learns some new words. But he doesn’t always remember them. So I designed a little recording sheet to jot down the words he learnt, which… Continue Reading “Printable – Chinese Word Learning Record Sheet”

New Product – indoor scavenger hunt Printable

UPDATED ON 9 MAY 2021 WITH EXTRA VERSIONS There are many Scavenger Hunt printable available on the market but you rarely find one that is in Traditional Chinese – English AND Cantonese – English. This Scavenger Hunt is an excellent way to learn vocabulary… Continue Reading “New Product – indoor scavenger hunt Printable”

printable – low prep colour card game

This is essentially a domino game to learn colours in Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, and English, but it can also turn into other fun card games too. Please see the product details here . You will also find details on how to play with… Continue Reading “printable – low prep colour card game”

New Product – indoor treasure hunt Printable

I just created a little fun game – Indoor Treasure Hunt and it’s now available to purchase from my Etsy Shop . Head over to see product details. I spent a long time thinking and designing the riddles and puzzles. Ideal for kids around… Continue Reading “New Product – indoor treasure hunt Printable”

New Product – BILINGUAL (Traditional Chinese & English) pretend play Post office Printable

A simple pretend play printable for your kids to enjoy some independent play. The bilingual version features Traditional Chinese and English vocabulary, which is excellent for learning the languages while playing. I have also included a Traditional Chinese alone version. I use this version… Continue Reading “New Product – BILINGUAL (Traditional Chinese & English) pretend play Post office Printable”

More on Bilingual Visual Schedule Chart

When I designed it I didn’t know it would worked THAT well on J. A few days ago, I added a section of “Don’t Forget”, “Well done” and “Responsibilities” next to his Daily Visual Schedule . This new section acts like a reminder for… Continue Reading “More on Bilingual Visual Schedule Chart”

Printable – Bilingual (English and Traditional Chinese)  Daily Visual Schedule for Kids

This chart is adorable and colorful, and the perfect way to make your child’s daily task list much more visual and interactive. Children of all ages and abilities need direction and reminding of their expectations and this will act as that daily reminder. Why… Continue Reading “Printable – Bilingual (English and Traditional Chinese)  Daily Visual Schedule for Kids”