printable – low prep colour card game

This is essentially a domino game to learn colours in Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, and English, but it can also turn into other fun card games too. Please see the product details here . You will also find details on how to play with my cards.

The ones with pronunciation would be useful for parents who cannot read (or cannot read too much) Chinese.
Very easy to prepare.
Another game idea.
More game ideas. The “Treasure Hunt” game involves moving about. You can hide the cards around in the house and ask your little one to find them. Make sure they read aloud the words to you. The “What’s Missing?” game can be used as a quick 5-minute mini game, for example, at the beginning of your homeschool day, or simply just for some fun.

There are more printable from my Etsy Shop . Many of which is just Print & Play or involve very little preparation.

Have fun learning.

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