Printable – Chinese Word Learning Record Sheet

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I teach J some Chinese every day after school. Sometimes he learns some new words. But he doesn’t always remember them. So I designed a little recording sheet to jot down the words he learnt, which he can refer back whenever he needs to.

What he needs to do is write the word he learnt in the box, then he gets to colour the animal once he correctly read aloud the word.

At the end when he fills in all the boxes, there will be a little quiz where he needs to read aloud all the words and see how many he can remember.

We are using this method the second day and it is going very well. He’s able to recognise the words easier. Simple approach but effective.

The Animal version (pictured above) can be downloaded for FREE from here (links to Google Drive).

You can purchase the other versions from my Etsy Shop .

Dinosaurs , boys’ favourite
Cute Creatures

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