printable – 30 Days Challenge / Habit Tracker for kids

Keep your kid motivated to reach the goal set with these cute Habit Trackers. Let your kid colour one cartoon after he/she has completed a task. A reward can be given when completed a certain number of times, but that’s optional.

There are many Habit Tracker products available for teens and adults, but not a lot of nice ones for kids. This is why I decided to make some for my 7 years old son.

Habit Trackers can be used in many ways:

  • Doing exercise regularly
  • Drink certain amount of water per day
  • Pack homework books in school bag
  • Early night sleep
  • Read a chapter book
  • Fruits / Vegetable / Vitamins / Medicine intake

Many more…

You can purchase this printable from my Etsy Shop .

I have also created a Chinese version, which can also be purchased from my Etsy Shop .

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