New product – Christmas Tarsia Puzzles

This is a set of 🎄Christmas-themed tarsia puzzles, with 9 triangles.

A tarsia is a simple but complex jigsaw puzzle. The player matches up the sides of the triangles so they correspond with another one. It is also a puzzle to train problem solving skills and logical thinking while disguising it all as fun! It is commonly used by Maths teachers to teach Maths. But I find it super useful too when it comes to learning vocabulary. Dr. Loftin has written a very nice blog on Using Tarsia Puzzles to Teach Vocabulary .

You can use it at home with your little ones like a family challenge game.
Also suitable for teachers where they can use it for:
– Centres or work stations
– Early/Fast finishers’ challenge
– Gifted & talented education
– Class reward

What you will get:
5 pages of puzzles, one puzzle per page
Each puzzle is coloured coded so you don’t need to worry about mixing up the pieces.

đź“ŚPlease print on A4 paper size.

đź“ŚYou may laminate the puzzles but please be aware of the sharp corners. They become extremely pointy after the paper has been laminated.
Alternatively, you can print on normal paper and stick the puzzles on cardboard. This makes the puzzles sturdy with blunter corners.

You can purchase this from my Etsy Shop .

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