Ravensburger Minecraft Board Game

J is very into Minecraft recently so I bought him several books (which I am going to write about later on) and regularly buys him Minecraft magazines . He loves them all and keep reading them and telling me about them. Mr. B also bought J a Minecraft game to play on the T.V. We clearly told him screen time is limited and he can only play with it for certain periods of times during the week. He is very good at sticking to the schedule and has not been whining to play more than he can.

Some days ago I saw my friend’s post on playing a Minecraft board game. I did not know there is an official board game! So I asked her if her son likes it and she said it’s fun to play! So I went online and did some searches. Amazon reviews are mostly positive. So I thought let’s give it a try. There are several places in the U.K. that sell it. I finally chose Zatu because it’s the cheapest (it was £27.99 vs £39.99 from Ravensburger official website on January 2023). I also found out that there is an Expansion pack , and reviews are also good. I ended up buying the Expansion pack as well because that would qualify for free delivery.

Turns out to be a very good investment!

We have been playing it almost every weekend.

I agreed with some of the reviewers that the instructions are a bit hard to understand (possibly because of my bad English haha) so I followed the others’ advice to watch the video how-to-play. We watched this one . It made so much more sense after watching it.

I will not explain how to play here because there are many excellent blog/video posts about it.

To me, I never play the video game and have no idea how to play and do not know most of the stuff. So basically, almost zero knowledge of Minecraft. But I was still able to follow the game and play with J and Mr. B. So this is good as a family game. Me and J love the game and would absolutely recommend it to you.

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