New product – Ice Cream Shop Pretend Play in Traditional Chinese (with Jyutping)

This printable is simple but I’ve added a lot of learning elements in it.

Special features include:
1. This printable is in TRADITIONAL CHINESE which is unique in the market; there are not a lot of fun learning resources in Traditional Chinese available.
2. Jyutping is also available.
3. 3 levels of Maths difficulties.
– Easy: all items on the order receipt are kept at the same price (£1 or $1 each). This makes calculation simple.
– Intermediate: the items have different set prices, which would involves harder calculations.
– Hard: The order receipt does not have prices on them. Parents/carers can fill in the prices according to the level of addition they want their kids to practice on. They can then introduce more complicated money values to the kids for examples, 20p or £0.20 (or 1 cent, 20 cents etc).
4. I have added many ways to pay as well as the traditional cash and card payments. For example, electronic payment is very popular now. Gift cards and coupons are great to practice some subtractions!
5. Choice of currency. I did not limit the currency to GBP or dollars only when I was designing the printable as I wanted more kids around the world can use it too. So both the GBP and dollars versions are included, or you can use the blank versions to add your desired currency.
6. “Special Menu Order Form”. This can be a drawing and/or writing practice where your little ones can design their own ice cream flavours, sauce, toppings, and others e.g. biscuits, fruits etc.

You can purchase this from my Etsy Shop .

Don’t forget to grab your freebies from my Facebook page . There is a pretend play cash register and a range of play money that I designed and can be used with this Ice Cream Shop printable.

I also have an English version of this printable .

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