2-piece Shape Puzzles


I made some simple 2-piece shape puzzles using some leftover cardstock from packaging materials and foam shapes.

I used foam stickers because it adds some sensory touch which is great for toddlers. You don’t have to use foam stickers, any large stickers are fine. You can even draw.

How to make:

I used 2 items:

  1. Leftover cardstock from some packaging materials
  2. Large foam stickers

It’s super easy to make. Cut all the cards into the same size. Draw a vertical (or horizontal ) line in the middle of the card (so you know where to stick and cut). Align and stick the sticker on the line. Cut through the line with a cutter. Done.

Variations :

You can make puzzles like that for-

  • Alphabet
  • Number
  • Fruit
  • Transportation

The list is endless.

As I mention above you can also do horizontal rather than vertical or you can do both for more challenging activity for your little one.

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