Touch and Feel Colour Cards


This activity is perfect for some sensory fun for toddlers while introducing colours to them.

If you have seen my previous posts you might noticed that bottle lid is one of the items I often use in my busy bags / activity sets. When I was designing this activity I was looking for different textures in my collection boxes that are safe for toddlers to touch. In the end I chose bottle lid (hard), pipe cleaner (furry and soft), and foam sticker (smooth and soft).

How to make:

Very simple.

Like my previous post on 2-piece shape Puzzles , I used leftover cardstock from my packaging materials collection as the base cards.

I used glue gun to stick the bottle lids and pipe cleaners, and I asked J to stick the foam stickers. I let him design which ones to use and where to stick. He was so proud that he could help.

There are many other things that you can use such as nice quality wood pieces, plastic / steel buttons ….