Touch and Feel Counting Cards


I made these touch and feel counting cards today with J. I used form stickers and pom pom rather than normal plain stickers / drawing to add some sensory fun while introducing simple counting.

This activity is ideal for preschoolers.

How to play:

1) Simple counting

You can let your child to touch and feel the numbers and pom pom to explore the different numbers.

Ask him/her count the pom pom and trace the number to practice number formation.

2) Comparison

Compare cards and ask questions like which card has the most, which card has the least pom pom.

3) Simple sums

This is for a bit older kids. Practice simple sums such as “How many pom pom does the number 2 and number 3 cards have altogether?”

Or “How many pom pom does the number 4 card have more than the number 1 card?”

How to make:

I only used 3 items.

1. Leftover circular cardboard from making the advent calendar for J at the end of November last year

2. Number form stickers

3. Small Pom pom

Since I had all the cardboard cards cut ready to use, all I did was add the number form stickers and pom pom on them! Simple. Easy.

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