My 3D board game


I made a 3D board game for J to play and learn. It took me a lot of time to design but it all worth it. I wanted the game to be versatile so I can use it to reinforce some subjects such as phonics, sight words, addition, subtraction etc…

I have piles of sticky notepads and I collected a lot of envelopes over the years because I felt it was such a waste to throw them in the bin. I had no idea how can I make use of these two items. Finally I had this idea of making them into some learning cards. I wrote out the phonics on one of the pads, and then stuck them on the envelope to make it more sturdy.

The board has three levels. The bases were made of a chocolate gift box (the lid, the compartments to separate each chocolate, and the bottom).

When I was designing the game I kept in mind that I want it to be interchangeable. So the game mats, event cards, the toilet rolls that support each level, and the decorations were all stuck by Blue-Tek. I can easily change the game mat or the decorations if we are bored with the current style. I can also pack the whole thing back into a small flat box (see last picture).

The game mats were made with leftover cardstock from my old work. A magnetic sheet was placed underneath so my event cards can stand up nicely and can be movable. This means for example, the card that says “You fell in the mud. Miss a turn” can be placed on Square 10 this time. Next time when I play it with J, we can change it to Square 23.

J was totally amazed today when I showed him this new game. He was studying very hard on the details and constantly praising me.

Can’t wait to play the game tomorrow!