About phonics

I did not know phonics. I did not learn it when I was little. I memorised all the spellings.

J was learning some basic phonics in his school since K2. I thought it’s a great idea as I know it is very useful. I started to read online and watch Youtube so that I can learn it too.

Last year I went to a one-day phonics workshop and it was very very useful. I began to teach J more phonics. He is a really good learner, he quickly grasped the idea and was able to apply it when he was reading.

I then study more online for related topics and advanced phonics skills, and I found this website called Sarah’s Teaching Snippets which is very useful.

Last night I was reading a topic on syllable division which I had problem with. Sarah explained it very well , she designed these wonderful posters which were easy to understand.

Website: Sarah’s Teaching Snippets

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