Simple Counting Busy Bag with leftover Paper Stripes

This is a super duper simple Busy Bag to make. I have a lot of leftover paper stripes from working on my products and I saved them for making some little busy bags for my son to play.

You only need a few equipments to make this busy bag:

  • A cutter to cut the paper stripes (if you don’t have leftovers like I do)
  • Some markers to draw (I like my St felt tips purchased from Once Upon A Babe 歐美代購百貨店 )
  • A stapler to put the paper stripes together

All you need to do is draw some pictures on the paper stripes then staple them together! Easy!

This busy bag is light and you can just pop one (or a few) in your bag and let your little one to play while waiting for food in a restaurant for example.

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