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Car Repair Centre

#playwithpackagingmaterials I must say there are so many interesting packaging materials. I got this black “divider” from buying an instant coffee powder from thr supermarket. I fell in love with it as soon as I opened the package. I knew I could make something… Continue Reading “Car Repair Centre”

Easy to make counting activity using cardboard and bottle lids

#playwithpackagingmaterials Today I would like to share with you an activity that I made with recycling materials only. It is very simple and easy to make. Equipment : I found some cardboard from my collection of packaging materials. I cut them into the same… Continue Reading “Easy to make counting activity using cardboard and bottle lids”

J the scientist

As the son of a scientist and a former research lab technician, J is determined to study about the new virus. He said he is now working in the lab studying the virus. Do not disturb him.

Paper Plate Craft

This is a Chinese New Year decoration + box that I made with the kids in my Kindergarten playgroup this week. It is easy to make and fun to hang up in the house as a Chinese New Year decoration. There is a pocket… Continue Reading “Paper Plate Craft”

Chinese New Year Craft – 財神 God of Fortune

Today in one of my Kindergarten playgroups: I taught the kids to make a 財神 (God of Fortune ) using a few simple items. I have a lot of plastic cutlery from having takeaways. I used a spoon for the body, red construction paper… Continue Reading “Chinese New Year Craft – 財神 God of Fortune”

My Christmas presents from Amy (Little Stories by Amy)

I received this set of photos from Amy on Christmas day. I told her it was like a Christmas present for me. These were taken using film and not digital. I must say I absolutely love the colour and the texture of film pictures.… Continue Reading “My Christmas presents from Amy (Little Stories by Amy)”

Merry Christmas 2019

Photo by Amy @little stories by Amy .

Piano with J

J has been asking me to teach him piano. He enjoyed it a lot and we laughed so much during our 30 min session.

Handmade Advent calendar

Of course I make my own advent calendar for J, and of course it does not contain sweets and chocolate. The idea is simple. J has to punch 💪🏻 the holes (which i made with tissue paper) according to the date, then he can… Continue Reading “Handmade Advent calendar”

Clay lesson at Lau Tak Primary School

We joined a programme organised by a primary school in Po Lam, Hong Kong. Today it is the clay session. He enjoyed it very much. I encouraged him do all the steps by himself. I cut his hair yesterday: