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Surprise finding in the wood

It’s WEEKEND!There is a small wood area next to where we live. We went out to the wood to explore and look at what J found! He found several dens which were made by other people. He was so excited. It was a lovely… Continue Reading “Surprise finding in the wood”

Revisit Tuen Mun Inclusive Playground

I asked J where does he want to go on the last few days in Hong Kong. He said he wanted to go to #屯門共融遊樂場 again. I brought him there on the last Friday when he coincidentally had a school holiday. I was disappointed… Continue Reading “Revisit Tuen Mun Inclusive Playground”

String pulling magic box – HKD 50 (Brand new)

String pulling magic box – HKD 50 (Brand new) I made one for my Kindergarten playgroup and all the kids loved it very much. They liked pulling the string and see who got the longest of all. They played with it over and over… Continue Reading “String pulling magic box – HKD 50 (Brand new)”

Car Repair Centre

#playwithpackagingmaterials I must say there are so many interesting packaging materials. I got this black “divider” from buying an instant coffee powder from thr supermarket. I fell in love with it as soon as I opened the package. I knew I could make something… Continue Reading “Car Repair Centre”

The Big Thing at The Mills (Tseun Wan, Hong Kong)

Today we went to the Big Thing, an indoor playroom at The Mills in Tseun Wan, Hong Kong. The place is not huge, but it is beautifully designed. J said he loved the wooden play equipment. They are not the ones you would commonly… Continue Reading “The Big Thing at The Mills (Tseun Wan, Hong Kong)”

Jordan Valley Park – fun race tracks for remote control cars

Today we went to Jordan Valley Playground to let J to play with his remote control cars and truck.It was a lovely warm day. J enjoyed it a lot. The park is spacious so even though there were quite a bit of people in… Continue Reading “Jordan Valley Park – fun race tracks for remote control cars”

Post Office Dramatic Play

Pretend play in my Kindergarten playgroup. All the kids put their hand up when I asked them who wants to work in the Post Office. Everyone was working very hard. Writing letters, packing their parcels (i provided them with packaging materials and sticky tape),… Continue Reading “Post Office Dramatic Play”

Turn your kids’ old stickers into magnets

J has less interest to play with the @usborne_books sticker books now (he used to love them very much). I did not want to throw them away because the picture quality is really nice. So I decided to transform the stickers into magnets so… Continue Reading “Turn your kids’ old stickers into magnets”

Ice Cream Shop Dramatic Play

Once in a while I would set up dramatic play for the kids in my playgroup. Today I set up an Ice Cream Shop at home. I designed all the labels and order form, and handmade all the props myself. I enjoyed making everything… Continue Reading “Ice Cream Shop Dramatic Play”

Tong Ming Street Park

Tong Ming Street Park is one of the parks that we always go in our area. It has two medium sized playgrounds, one for above 5 years old, one for below 5. The play facilities are fairly new, and the park area is very… Continue Reading “Tong Ming Street Park”