The Big Thing at The Mills (Tseun Wan, Hong Kong)

Today we went to the Big Thing, an indoor playroom at The Mills in Tseun Wan, Hong Kong.

The place is not huge, but it is beautifully designed. J said he loved the wooden play equipment. They are not the ones you would commonly find in the usual playrooms in Hong Kong.

There are areas for toddlers and older kids.

We went the earliest session at 12pm. It was quiet with 1 or 2 families around. Most of the play equipment was empty. It got a bit busier at around 1.30pm.

You can create your own video clips here. There are magnetic animal pieces and scenes. You can arrange them and take pictures. Then create a short video at the end.

This is bouncy.

We built a house.

This is the back garden.
J built these. There were two chairs and a table.

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