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String pulling magic box – HKD 50 (Brand new)

String pulling magic box – HKD 50 (Brand new) I made one for my Kindergarten playgroup and all the kids loved it very much. They liked pulling the string and see who got the longest of all. They played with it over and over… Continue Reading “String pulling magic box – HKD 50 (Brand new)”

Pretend mobile phone

I made a mobile phone📱 for J. Key features: . Keypad . SMS . Scanning . Face detection . HK map . Some empty pages to let him to design his own features . An Octopus Card slot . Games He loves it. He… Continue Reading “Pretend mobile phone”

Happy Minds with Busma Kindergarten Playgroup

🧒🏻👧🏻Happy Minds with Busma Kindergarten Playgroup Activities: Pretend Play, Art and Craft, and lots of games and activities to enhance speaking and listening skills. Almost all the teaching materials are designed and made by myself. Venue: at my house in Tsueng Kwan O Time:… Continue Reading “Happy Minds with Busma Kindergarten Playgroup”

Camp Site – Playgroup craft

Yesterday we made a camp site with one of my Kindergarten playgroups. Love to see the kids’ unique design and creativity. We discussed where and how to put things. Lots of talking, lots of ideas, the kids helped each other to make stuff. I… Continue Reading “Camp Site – Playgroup craft”

Post Office Dramatic Play

Pretend play in my Kindergarten playgroup. All the kids put their hand up when I asked them who wants to work in the Post Office. Everyone was working very hard. Writing letters, packing their parcels (i provided them with packaging materials and sticky tape),… Continue Reading “Post Office Dramatic Play”

Community helpers – Playgroup craft

J’s school is doing community helpers these few weeks, so we made some doctors in the art and craft session in my English Playgroup. The paper dolls were purchased from England. The doctor’s coat is super easy to make but need a few trial… Continue Reading “Community helpers – Playgroup craft”

Days of the week

Today I let the kids in my English playgroup to play with my “Days of the Week popsicles” activity. They loved it so much.

Ice Cream Shop Dramatic Play

Once in a while I would set up dramatic play for the kids in my playgroup. Today I set up an Ice Cream Shop at home. I designed all the labels and order form, and handmade all the props myself. I enjoyed making everything… Continue Reading “Ice Cream Shop Dramatic Play”

Teaching tools from Seeds Children’s Bookstore

I have been EXTENSIVELY using this set of picture cards called 「說話教室」兒童語言訓練教材套 (from Seeds Children’s Bookstore ) to teach J and the kids in my English playgroup. There are many topics related directly to Hong Kong, for example, MTR, Octopus card, going to Chinese… Continue Reading “Teaching tools from Seeds Children’s Bookstore”

Transportation + Post-it notes

Tired but rewarding. Love to see the excitement on the kids faces when I introduce a new game. Love to see they enjoy it a lot. J’s school is doing transportation these few weeks, so I am doing the same in my English lessons… Continue Reading “Transportation + Post-it notes”