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Using stamps to learn spelling

Just another way to learn spelling. So instead of writing the words using a pencil I asked J to use alphabet stamps. J loved it. Alphabet stamps from @onceuponababehk .

Match Up Activity Tray

I was tidying up my house and found some very nice trays and containers I saved before (to make activities for my son to play). I did not want to throw them away because they were so nice. So today I quickly grab some… Continue Reading “Match Up Activity Tray”

Word Families activity sets – Level 1 – HKD300 (postage included)

I found learning word families is really useful because it helps children with reading, spelling, and rhyming. A few months ago I introduced word families to my son by showing him that some words share the same patterns, e.g. “cat” and “mat” both end… Continue Reading “Word Families activity sets – Level 1 – HKD300 (postage included)”

Transportation + Post-it notes

Tired but rewarding. Love to see the excitement on the kids faces when I introduce a new game. Love to see they enjoy it a lot. J’s school is doing transportation these few weeks, so I am doing the same in my English lessons… Continue Reading “Transportation + Post-it notes”

Learn sight words with a die

This is another acivity to help J to be familar and recognise some English words. It’s very simple. J has to roll a die and read the words in the column. For example , he rolls 1 and so he has to read all… Continue Reading “Learn sight words with a die”

Educational learning activities with toilet rolls and bottle lids

I try to create fun and interesting activities to play and teach my son and his friends in my playdates. Instead of using word and picture cards to teach sight words and family members, I used bottle lids and toilet rolls , popsicles, and… Continue Reading “Educational learning activities with toilet rolls and bottle lids”

Christmas Quiet time activity – Building a Christmas Tree

Less than 10 mins prep for an easy educational quiet time activity

Pretend play – Shopping game HKD90

Pretend play – Shopping game

🎄Christmas learning cards bundle (great for Christmas stocking) – HKD80 postage included

🎄Christmas learning cards bundle (great for Christmas stocking)

Chinese writing practice on the words “Big 大” , “Medium 中” and “Small 小”.

FREE printable