Pretend play – Shopping game HKD90

Pretend play – Shopping game HKD90

This is another version of the shopping game I made earlier this year.

This game can be used to:
✔ learn food vocab in English and Chinese
✔learn about money 💰
✔learn about Maths
✔pretend play

📌There are 2 sets of cards.

1st set is the “food” cards with cute pictures, together with English and Chinese vocabs. I made a huge collection in fruits, vegetables, dairy food, meats, and drinks (all healthy food 😁).

Younger children who cannot read yet can play with these cards as normal picture cards to learn about different food. They can sort them into categories too.

Older children who begin to recognise and read can learn the English and Chinese words.

2nd set is the “money 💰” cards. These are Hong Kong money. There are coins and notes, ranging from $1 to $50.

📌Lots of ideas to play and learn:

To begin with, set the price to some straight forwards ones for example “$2” or “$5” so your little one can simply “pays” with a $2 coin or $5 coin.

For advanced level, set the price like “$4” where he has to do a bit of maths for example “pays with 2x $2 coins” and you can introduce different ways to pay with the coins.

Then of course you can provide certain coins and money and work on subtraction, so for example the “customer” only has a $10 note and the orange is $5, how much change should he get?

📌What is included in this activity set?

– “Food” cards x 53

– “Money” cards x 20
– Menu (9 pages)
– Pretend calculator x 1

 Please note:

– This activity is designed and handmade by myself.

– The food cards, money cards, and pretend calculator are laminated for durability

– The menu is protected in plastic cover and mounted on cards, it is NOT waterproof

– This game is inspired by my dearest friend in one of our playdates.

More handmade educational activity sets can be found in my Facebook group

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