Winter Extravaganza at French International School

I was invited to host a Kids Corner at the French International School of Hong Kong.

It was a wonderful event.

There were lots of people. I handed out over 70 of my activity booklets. I played with many kids of different nationalities. I spoke to many parents, explaining to them how to play with my activities, and how easy it is to make some simple games for their kids.

A parent told me her son never sits still to complete a task, but he was able to sit for a good 15 mins to play with my pom pom drop box while we were having a chat on how simple games can help to train his concentration.

I was very pleased to see many kids playing and laughing with me while we played together.

J was very excited about the event and helped me to set up the tables. He demonstrated to the kids how to play the activities and I was amazed how well he can explain things.

Shop small and make a real person smiles.

Handmade educational activity sets by Happy Minds with Busma

J’s sweater and trousers from Little Cottons


My 1st table
My 2nd table
J helping out to set up the table

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