Learn sight words with a die

This is another acivity to help J to be familar and recognise some English words.

It’s very simple.

J has to roll a die and read the words in the column. For example , he rolls 1 and so he has to read all the words in column 1 i.e. “in”, “read”, “on”, “name”.

I use this activity as a quick 5 to 10 minutes revision.

Apart from recognising English words, you can change it to Maths like numbers or addition problems, or Chinese words.

Learning is fun and inexpensive.

Roll the die
Read the words in the column

You only need 3 equipments to prepare this activity:

You can use this activity to learn English e.g. sight words
Or Chinese words
Or Maths e.g number recognition or addition problems as shown in this picture

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