Educational learning activities with toilet rolls and bottle lids

I try to create fun and interesting activities to play and teach my son and his friends in my playdates.

Instead of using word and picture cards to teach sight words and family members, I used bottle lids and toilet rolls , popsicles, and a few pieces of rough paper.

The kids were so surprised and happy to see these unusual teaching materials, which drew their attention immediately to focus on what I have to say.

How to make it:

Simple. Write out the sight words you want the kids to learn on the bottle lids with a marker pen.

Then write out the names of the family members on the rough paper.

Finally, draw or print out pictures of the family.

To learn vocabs, I stick the paper with the word on the popsicle, and ask the kids to put them in the toilet rolls with the correct picture.

Learning is fun and inexpensive.

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