Playright Children’s Play Association event at Victoria Park March 2019

I am a big fan of the activities organised by Playright Children’s Play Association. Today I brought J to Victoria Park in Causeway Bay to join their event (賽馬會智樂社區綠化遊樂場2019), as mentioned in my previous post.

J loved and played almost all the activities there. I like to see all the kids having so much fun with cardboard boxes, wooden planks , and many recycled materials (see pictures below). They explored and created so many ways to play.

J loved this area
He picked up different tyres to roll them around

He used these wooden frames to build a house

Fasten the frames with velcro tapes and pegs (provided by the organisation )

Another building site with big foam blocks.

The staff built a tunnel for the kids to draw.

The Adventure Land was also fun. Kids can climb on various wood pieces and ladders.

The wooden beads running track area.

You can use these tubes to build tracks for the wooden beads

Light switches for younger kids to press (these are real switches but not connected to electricity )

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