Teaching tools from Seeds Children’s Bookstore

I have been EXTENSIVELY using this set of picture cards called 說話教室」兒童語言訓練教材套 (from Seeds Children’s Bookstore ) to teach J and the kids in my English playgroup.

There are many topics related directly to Hong Kong, for example, MTR, Octopus card, going to Chinese restaurant to have Dim Sum etc… so kids are more familiar with the situations.

I ask the questions in English when I am teaching the playgroup. I do Chinese when I am teaching J. Basically they are great for whatever language you want to focus on with the kids.

Sequence cards:
I work with 1 set at a time. I would ask the kid to put them in order (logic thinking), and tell me about the cards (verbal skill) . For more challenge, I would take away a few cards and ask the kid what does he/she thinks the ending would be.

Large picture cards:
There are many things to talk about.
I would ask the kid to describe what he/she can see. Or I would ask them the “Wh” questions.

There is a wonderful book that goes with the cards. It gives you lots of ideas of the kind of questions you could ask (but the book is in Chinese).

At the moment I am working on these two sets of cards , I will be exploring the others very soon.


Address: 20/F Haleson Building, 1 Jubilee Street, Central. Hong Kong.

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