Ice Cream Shop Dramatic Play

Once in a while I would set up dramatic play for the kids in my playgroup.

Today I set up an Ice Cream Shop at home.

I designed all the labels and order form, and handmade all the props myself. I enjoyed making everything and really proud of the outcome.

To make the cones:

I drew some lines on a piece of brown construction paper and rolled it into a cone shape. I put cellotape to secure it.

To make the ice cream cone stand:

I used an empty tissue box and covered it with some paper. I then made some holes with a cutter for the cones.

To make the ice cream:

I rolled some rough paper (e.g. old magazines that I saved up) into a ball, and wrapped it with coloured tissue paper (or other paper you can find).

I used some felt as sprinkles, some wooden sticks as the biscuits and wafer.

I wish you can see how the eyes of the kids glow 🤩 when they saw the set up today. They had a lot of fun.

Each of them took turns to be the shopkeeper and customers. The customer had to tell the shopkeeper what kind of ice cream he / she want (lots of theme related vocabs involved). The shopkeeper had to pay attention and get the right ingredients. Finally the customer had to pay with my pretend money ( money and addition). They are practicing and learning a lot of things whole they were having FUN!

This printable is designed by myself
I also made a simple worksheet to go along with the dramatic play

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