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New Year’s eve 2020

Woke up this morning and saw everything was covered in ice.-4oC outside 8am.

Chinese homeschool – 我愛學語文 一上第一冊第一課 J’s version

So… I have been teaching J Chinese using the Chinese textbook I mentioned in the previous post. I am pleased to see J being able to read all the words in the passage until… (please watch the video till the end if you understand… Continue Reading “Chinese homeschool – 我愛學語文 一上第一冊第一課 J’s version”

Chinese homeschool 1 – 我愛學語文 textbook and workbook

A few days ago we moved to England. We are currently staying in my parents house in London. We haven’t found a place to live in yet and therefore cannot apply for a school place for J. With the experience from school closure in… Continue Reading “Chinese homeschool 1 – 我愛學語文 textbook and workbook”

Super Duper easy-to-make Colour learning cards

Super Duper easy-to-make Colour learning cards A lot of parents asked me ideas to learn. I am a stay-at-home-mum and I totally understand how busy and tired we can get. So today I am going to share with you a little activity that you… Continue Reading “Super Duper easy-to-make Colour learning cards”

Alphabet letter tiles and bottle lids match up busy bag

#playwithpackagingmaterials Another super simple alphabet learning activity that you can make within minutes. Only need 3 equipment : a marker pen, bottle lids, and some cardboard boxes from packaging materials. You can make one set to match uppercase letters and another set for lowercase.… Continue Reading “Alphabet letter tiles and bottle lids match up busy bag”

November 2020 in London, England

Looking out of the window from my parents house. The coldness, the fog, the smell.

Revisit Tuen Mun Inclusive Playground

I asked J where does he want to go on the last few days in Hong Kong. He said he wanted to go to #屯門共融遊樂場 again. I brought him there on the last Friday when he coincidentally had a school holiday. I was disappointed… Continue Reading “Revisit Tuen Mun Inclusive Playground”

New product – Obstacle course Part 2 – Pretend play

This is another way to play with my Obstacle Course – pretend play for older kindergarteners. There are various obstacles including hurdles, rope swing, climbing frames etc. They are made with leftover cardboard boxes, straws and toothpicks from takeaway, and other leftover materials. There… Continue Reading “New product – Obstacle course Part 2 – Pretend play”

New product – Obstacle course for learning alphabets

This is another activity that I made with recycle materials. I made an obstacle course with an old paper folder, some straws and toothpicks from takeaways, some packaging materials, and some bottle lids. This is suitable for 2 age groups. I will introduce one… Continue Reading “New product – Obstacle course for learning alphabets”

J working on my Money worksheets

J absolutely LOVE the money worksheets I made for him. He finished one page then asked for the next page. I had to slow him down from working too much. I used the plastic pouch from Once Upon A Babe 歐美代購百貨店 when working on… Continue Reading “J working on my Money worksheets”