New product – Obstacle course for learning alphabets (SOLD)

This is another activity that I made with recycle materials.

I made an obstacle course with an old paper folder, some straws and toothpicks from takeaways, some packaging materials, and some bottle lids.

This is suitable for 2 age groups. I will introduce one here first – preschoolers and kindergartners – for learning alphabets.

How to play:

Set up a simple obstacle course and scatter the alphabet bottle lids around. Make up a story saying something like the L brand mini figure has a misson to complete. He has to go to the alphabet collection point, cross the various obstacles, and deliver the alphabet to the finishing point.

Variations :

– For alphabet learning, you can match up Uppercase letters to Uppercase, Lowercase to Lowercase, Uppercase to Lowercase

– Lowercase letters can also be used to practice phonics

– Colours

– Shapes

Many more.

Why so special?

It is special because the obstacles can be arranged wherever you like using the magnetic tiles. You can change the setting next time when you play with it.

It is a fun! I love to include fun elements when it comes to learning especially for young kids

You can buy this set for HKD50. Everything you see in the last picture is handmade by myself (as usual). Due to the nature of the activity it cannot be posted. Can be picked up at Tseung Kwan O mtr station from Mon to Sun 1-4pm.

This product was made when I was still in Hong Kong. I now live in the UK. Please email me at for availability stating the product name as the Subject in the email.

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