Chinese homeschool 1 – 我愛學語文 textbook and workbook

A few days ago we moved to England. We are currently staying in my parents house in London. We haven’t found a place to live in yet and therefore cannot apply for a school place for J.

With the experience from school closure in Hong Kong, I quickly settled J into a homeschooling timetable, focusing Chinese, English, Maths, and Science.

My plan is to carrying on teaching J Chinese after he has started school here in England. So I bought a wide range of Chinese workbooks from Hong Kong.

In the coming posts I will be sharing these workbooks with you, and show you things like which ones can be used together to teach a topic etc… I am not recommending any of these books yet as I am still exploring. Maybe at the end of a school year I might be able to recommend a few but not at this stage.

I am following this Chinese textbook called 「我愛學語文」 . Lessons 1 to 3 are about starting primary school.

Each lesson begins with a passage, follows by a series of activities which include discussion, writing practice, making sentences etc.

This is Lesson 1.

This is Lesson 2.

This is Lesson 3.

This is the accompanied workbook.

(Do let me know if you would like me to record reading the instructions from the workbook. Leave a comment on my Youtube or here, or Whatsapp me)

I found the textbook and workbook are easy to use and understand. The instructions are clear. They don’t have a lot of writing practice on these lessons yet which is good to begin.


Background on my Chinese level.

I was born in Hong Kong and studied at local schools in Hong Kong until end of Primary 5 (around 11 years old ). I can read and write Chinese, listen and speak Cantonese.

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