Summer Norfolk Trip 2022 Day 4 Part 1 – Burnham Market and Socius (Michelin Plate Restaurant)

On the fourth day of our Summer Norfolk Trip 2022 we went to Burnham Market and Brancaster Beach .

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Morning till early afternoon – Burnham Market

Afternoon – Brancaster Beach

The main reason we went to Burnham Market was because I wanted to take my family to try the Michelin Plate restaurant Socius .

When did we visit Burnham Market:

We visited on a Thursday in early August. It was very warm 32C!! Sunny with no clouds and rain. The town was not crowded.

What age is it best for:

There is a playground at Station Road. We did not go there.

Apart from that I don’t think there is anything in the town designed for kids not is there any family attractions. It is advertised as “a truly unique 17th Century Norfolk village” on their website .

How long we spent at the venue?

We arrived at around 11:00am and left at 2pm.

What are there to see or do in Burham Market?

This beautiful website has everything you need to know about the town.

I love this map drawing.

Things that definitely worth to see or do:

For me, I did not feel like there is something that I would definitely recommend to go and see or do. There are some independent shops which are nice to take a look. As I mention at the beginning of this post, we came here because of the food, and after trying it, I would definitely recommend to try Socius (see below).

(Pictures taken with my Canon 5D)



Easy to navigate?

It was easy to find where things are because the town is small. All the main shops are located in the same area.

In case of rain:

There are a number of shops which you can go in and “hide”.

Now comes the HIGHLIGHT of the day!

Our lunch.

I pre booked the table at Socius at 1pm. There was no queue at that moment and there were still half of the restaurant with empty tables. As we were having lunch more people arrived and soon all the tables on the ground floor were full (couldn’t see the first floor).

Range of food: It has a reasonable range of food to choose from and they all sound very nice and interesting.

£: Food is on the expensive side but given the quality of food I think it was totally worth it. Of course it’s not a place that I would come and eat very often.

Cleanliness: The restaurant was very clean. Toilets were very clean too.

Service: I felt there were adequate amount of staff at the time we visited. They were all very busy but we did not have to wait too long to get someone’s attention. They were polite and always with a smile.

What did we order?

  1. Roasted squash with yoghurt (and something green on one side, sprinkled with some dark crunchy stuff which is super yummy)
  2. Grilled hake, potato, sweetcorn, chorizo
  3. Picanha steak, blue cheese, little gem

J had a pasta with creamy tomato sauce and a Plum and Cherry mocktail. He also had an ice cream sundae.

Did we like the food?

We love every dish we ordered. The squash dish was really refreshing and never tasted anything like this before. I loved the sour flavour from the yogurt combined with the sweetness from the pumpkin. And I absolutely love those dark crunchy stuff, tasted a bit like rice crisps.

The hake was slightly salty for me but the very soft.

The steak was highly praised by Mr. B and J! Really tender with really nice meaty flavour.

J couldn’t finish the sundae. So I got to taste it 🙂 Really nice with generous amount of crunchy biscuits and the sweetness of the sauce and ice cream was just right.

You can see the menu here .

Overall: Would definitely come back as I want to try the other dishes on the menu! Highly recommend.

Burnham Market


Car parks: North Street Car Park

Parking fees applied, see website for details. Plenty of spaces.




Address: 11 Foundry Place, Burnham Market, Kings Lynn, PE31 8LG England


Telephone: 01328 738307

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