Our 1st paddle boarding at Milton Country Park

At the beginning of August we tried canoeing at Milton Country Park . It was great fun. Today we tried paddleboarding which is one of the water activities that I have always been wanted to try.

The kids got in the water first.

The instructors were all very nice. One of them taught the kids to try to stand up on the board. J and the other girl got to their feet right away without any hesitation. They made it look so easy! haha 

The instructor then taught them a few “tricks” for example jumping on the board. 

Later on another instructor was asking if anyone would like to try getting on the board from the water. J (arrow in the picture below) was very brave and he went to try it. Luckily I put him in suitable clothing. He got off the board and went in the water. He listened to the instructions and got back on the board within seconds!

Me on the other side, felt nice and safe kneeling down to paddleboard.

The instructor then came to me and taught me how to do SUP. I successfully stood up but was not very confident, my legs were wobbly. But i was proud of myself because at least I tried. 

After the taster lesson J was super excited and happy and said he really liked it. I love it too. I am hoping to join the proper lessons soon so that me and J could go paddleboarding ourselves !

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