New Product – Learning cards – Occupations Jobs (Bilingual – Traditional Chinese & English)

📌Special features:
– Both gender included for each job
– Bilingual – Traditional Chinese and English
– A5 size – Larger than usual flash cards. Great for little hands
– Versatile – There are so many ways to play (see below)!

📌Examples of ways to play:
1) Puzzles – Print one set , and cut each picture in halves, or more pieces for advance challenge.
2) Memory game – You need one set. You lay a set of cards (start with 3 cards for young children) on the table in front of your child for him / her to try and remember. Then ask your child to close the eyes and you take out 1 of the cards and see if he / she knows which one is missing. Gradually increases the number of cards for extra challenge.
3) Match up game – Print 2 sets (on card stocks so the picture does not show up when turned over). Start with 3 pairs. Turn all cards with picture facing down. Shuffle. Ask your child to find the matching pairs. Increase the number for advance challenge.
4) Treasure hunt🔍
This activity involves moving around and I am sure the kids would love this game! It also serves a great party game too.
Hide the cards around the house and ask your little one to search for them. Make sure your child reads aloud each card.
– You can ask your child to write down the occupation on a piece of paper for writing practice.
– You can give a reward once completed
– Set a timer
5) Arrange the occupations in alphabetical order (for older kids)

Remember to always try to encourage your child to say the words out.

📌40 occupations included in this set are:
1. Doctor
2. Nurse
3. Paramedic
4. Dentist
5. Vet
6. Firefighter
7. Police officer
8. Teacher
9. Caretaker / Janitor
10. Bus driver
11. Postal worker
12. Librarian
13. Bin worker
14. Cleaner
15. Shopkeeper
16. Cashier
17. Farmer
18. Chef
19. Waiter & Waitress
20. Construction worker
21. Decorator
22. Gardener
23. Zookeeper
24. Photographer
25. Reporter
26. Hairdresser
27. Florist
28. Scientist
29. Astronaut
30. Soldier
31. Mechanic
32. Lifeguard
33. Forest ranger
34. Pilot
35. Receptionist
36. Judge
37. Security guard
38. Bank teller
39. Architect
40. Archeologist

📌What is included:
– 42 cards MALE gender (40 jobs – see above list. Special note: I made one card with the word “vet”, and one with the full term “veterinarian”. I also made one card with the word “caretaker”, and one “janitor” )
– Same as above but FEMALE gender
– So TOTAL 84 cards

I suggest laminating the cards so they last longer.

You can purchase this set from my little Etsy Shop .

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