DIY 3D Punch Out Advent Calendar

Back in 2019 I made a 2D punch out advent calendar for J. He loved it so much. Since then every Xmas he has been asking me to make one for him.

This year I finally made one. But this time in 3D!

The whole thing was made of mostly recycled materials for example packing materials, cardboard boxes 📦, toilet tolls, rough paper etc… So it did not cost me much. But it’s made with loads of love and effort ❤️

24 days countdown to Xmas. So I prepared 24 DIFFERENT ways to reveal the present for each day! I hope to share more later on.

This was the 2D advent calendar that I made for J in 2019. The idea was very similar. Just in 2D, and less “sophisticated” 🙂

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