What did I prepare for advent calendar fillers 2022 – to be continued

🎄 Day 1

📌How: Letters wrap up

🎁Present: Precision Fusion Football (Size 2)

✂️What I used:

  • Clean food packaging card
  • Parcel wrapping paper
  • Scissors
  • Pen
  • Masking tape

📌What I did:

  1. I cut up small pieces of cards (from the food packaging) and wrote each letter of the present on the card. So I wrote “football” on 8 pieces of cards.
  2. I shuffled the letters so they were not in order.
  3. Wrapped up each letter with a piece of wrapping paper. Remember don’t wrap them in order so your little one cannot easily guess the present when they were unwrapping.

I stopped J when he was unwrapping the 4th one and asked him can he guess what the present was with the letters he had so far. He had so much fun putting around the letters and using his phonic skills to try to guess.

🎄 Day 2

📌How: Moji Maths Challenge

🎁Present: Pick Your Own Quest: Escape from Minecraft

📌What I did:

  1. I simply folded the paper up into a small parcel and taped with a small piece of masking tape so it holds its shape. Attach a string to it and glue the other end of the string inside of my 3D advent calendar.

🎄 Day 3

📌How: English crossword

🎁Present: Labyrinth board game

✂️What I used:

  • Rough paper
  • Pen

📌What I did:

  1. I thought about the letters in the present and see if any clues can fit in.
  2. Drafted my crossword layout with pencil and then finalised with pen.

🎄 Day 4

📌How: DIY scratch card to learn Christmas vocabulary in Chinese

🎁Present: Unicorn top cards game from Twinkl

✂️What I used:

  • Clean food packaging card
  • Acrylic paint
  • Paint brush
  • Washing up liquid
  • Bottle lid (to hold the paint) (You can use anything for the same purpose)
  • Clear cellotape / sticky tape
  • Pen

📌What I did:

  1. Wrote out instructions and grid.
  2. Filled in the grid with the Chinese words. I’ve chosen the theme “festival”. I intended to let my son to win the prize so I specifically wrote more of the word “Christmas” than other festivals.
  3. Mixed a drop of washing up liquid with some paint.
  4. Applied the paint over the words with a paint brush.
  5. Once dried I did a few more layers of paint until I could not see the writing anymore.

Note: Depending on the type of paint you have, this activity needs more time to prepare than the others mentioned above (Day 1 to 3). You might need at least two layers of paint in order to cover the writing.

🎄 Day 5

📌How: DIY decoder


✂️What I used:

  • Plain paper
  • Sharp cutter
  • Pen

📌What I did:

  1. My present was a book, so I looked for a page with all the letters on it.
  2. Placed a piece of paper on the page. Traced small rectangles over the letters of choice.
  3. I then cut them out using a sharp cutter.


  • Don’t use cards as they are too thick you cannot see the position of the letters.
  • Sharp cutter helps to cut small rectangles.
  • I did not tell J the orientation of the decoder, I let him to figure it out himself.

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