Pak Fuk Road Safety Town (North point)

Pak Fuk Road Safety Town in North Point is a miniature town with simulated streets, road signs, realistic traffic lights, zebra crossings, roundabouts, subways, and a foot bridge. It is an enclosed area so no car is allowed. The kids can ride their bikes and scooters while learning about road safety. They can also pretend to be pedetrians and go into the subway, walk on the foot bridge, and wait at the traffic light and cross at the zebra crossing. So for the kids who don’t have a bicycle or scooter can also come and play. The traffic lights can be turned on on request.

There are four Safety Towns in Hong Kong (North Point, Sau Mau Ping, Shatin, and Tuen Mun) but only the one in North Point allows scooters as well as bikes (this was in 2018 when we visited, please check if they have any changes).

Cross road
Traffic lights and road signs

Pak Fuk Road Safety Town

Address: Pak Fuk Road Safety Town, Pak Fuk road, North Point, Hong Kong

Phone: 2564 2673

Opening hours: 7am – 10pm daily

Fee: Free

Extra info:

  1. No booking is required but call before going during the weekdays as it might be used for teaching.
  2. Please bring your own bike and scooter.
  3. The toilets are clean and there are seating areas (outdoor) for parents and caretakers.

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