Fruits learning cards bundle – HKD89 postage included

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Fruits learning cards bundle – HKD89 postage included

There are many ways to learn and play with these very cute fruit cards.🍎🍊🍐🍍🍌🍓

1) 2-piece puzzles – match up the cards. Start with 2 to 3 pairs, and repeat the vocabs when each one is done.
2) Shadow matching – match up the colour picture cards with the black shadow cards.
3) Learn Chinese and English name of the fruits – recognise the characters and play match up games
4) Practice fine motor skills – by placing the plastic links on the Chinese and/or English word cards to the correct picture cards
5) Play “Fruit Hunting” game by hiding the fruit picture cards in different places in the house and ask your little one to find them. (as shown in the 2nd picture)
6) Play “Right or Wrong” game – Mix up 2 cards to see if your little one can find the mistakes (as shown in the 3rd picture)
7) Play “Memory” game – show your little one a few cards and turn them over, ask what numbers he/she saw. Increase the number of cards for more challenge.

What is included:
– 12 fruit picture cards withOUT words
– 12 fruit picture cards with words (cut up in halves as 2-piece puzzles)
– 12 shadow cards
Each of the above laminated card measures approximately 9.5cm x 13.5cm (3R size)
– 24 word cards (12 in Chinese 12 English), each measures approximately 6.5cm x 9.5cm (2R size)
– 24 plastic links

Please note:
– This is NOT a commercially available product / activity that you buy from a toy shop. The activity is designed by me. All cards were made by my myself where I designed, printed and laminated them.
– Cards are laminated for durability but should not be immersed in water.
– The envelope and the piece of paper with the Hunting game direction are not included in this bundle.
– Please let me know if you do NOT want the Chinese ones and I will deduct the cost accordingly.

Lots of activities in this bundle
Hide the cards in the house and ask your little one to look for them
Look for the wrong cards (the Chinese vocab cards for strawberry and lime is mixed up)
Picture cards
Shadow cards
Bright coloured pictures


Train your little one with fine motor skill using these plastic links

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