Learning transportation with my 2 piece transportation puzzles and Usborne Lift the Flaps book

We love #usbornebooks lift the flaps series and we have a collection of them at home which we always read. But today i wanted to do something a bit more than just reading the book.

Today i combined my handmade 2 piece transportation🚐🚑🚒🚓🚕 puzzles with the Usborne book as an activity for J to learn and play.

J had to match up the puzzle and find the corresponding vehicles in the book. We then talked about each of them as we went along.

Shop small and make a real person smile.😊

Puzzles: can be purchased from my shop

📚Book: Fun to Read Book Outlet

🔠Name block: handmade by Sookie & Bear

☁⭐Cloud and star cushions: hannahdoodle

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