Kim’s Spoon

As a #sahm, sometimes i would like to take a break from the daily cooking🍳, and eat out with J 😌.

A few days ago we went to Ikea at Mega Box Kowloon Bay to get some essential stuff for the house.  We went pass a Korean restaurant Kim’s Spoon 🍽 and decided to try it.

I ordered a set lunch for myself and a kid’s meal for J.  He was very excited to see his lunch set out beautifully in front of him.  I was glad to see him trying out all the dishes in his meal.  His favourite was the chicken (as expected 😁).  I love that they have good portions of colourful vegetables 🌽🍅🥕, absolutely essential for kids.

I enjoyed the varieties of dishes in my set lunch 🍱, I got to try different things in small portions without the need to order many dishes.  My favourite was the seaweed wrap, crunchy and not oily.

My Lychee soda drink🍹 was a very nice refreshment in the hot summer.  J had a green apple drink.

The restaurant is kid-friendly as it provides all the kids cutlery.  It is very spacious with good service.


This is mine
J’s kids meal


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