KMB Road Safety Carnival 2019

Today we went to the KMB Road Safety Carnival in Tsim Sha Tsiu.

J was very excited to ride on the mini electric bus. We did not have to queue up for a very long time, probably because the weather was not very good today.

The staff were great and very friendly.

J had to stop at this bus stop for (pretend) passengers to get on and off
He enjoyed it a lot

The track area is not big, but enough for little kids.

There are other areas to take pictures.

A small police motorcycle
And the real one!
There are several game stations for the kids to play and learn about road safety.

He had to wear this special glasses to see how it feels like if you take medicines or drink when driving.
Playing with puzzles

We enjoyed it a lot, we were there for about 2 hours.

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