J’s first shopping experience with the school

J went to the supermarket with his school today. We were asked to give HKD10 to our kids, and they were allowed to buy whatever they want to.

I am so proud of him because of all the food and snacks he could buy without my supervision, he chose to get oranges. His classmates bought chocolate and sweets.

He told me about the activity :

  • The teacher told them if all the 28 children go together to the supermarket it would be too crowded, so 12 kids stayed in the class. J and the others went with the teachers.
  • First they had a walk around the shop. Then the teacher asked them what do they want to buy.
  • J bought 2 oranges. Each cost HKD4.9 . There was 20 cents change. He had to queue up for the cashier and handed the money to the cashier lady.
  • He said an old man said the kids were very noisy.

Each orange cost HKD4.9 . J got 20 cents change.
He designed his own shopping bag
The man with the glasses on the right is Mr. B

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